Rewire Your Mindset to Replace Negative Habits

Is your Mindset Limiting Your Success?

Feeling Stuck and Frustrated?

I've met  many ambitious professionals who have a ton of potential. Unfortunately,  they haven't achieved a level of success they want. 

They work their butts off, so of course, they're uber frustrated. The saddest part is by the time they come to me their confidence is crushed  and they feel defeated. 

Guess what?! Their life changes once they learn to retrain their brain. You deserve to live your dream life. Your mindset is the key to getting there!

At The MOX Life helping people attain their exciting goals is what drives us!

Can The MOX Life Help Me Create a Mindset for Success?

The MOX Life Program helps you create positive beliefs and habits, so you start achieving your aspirations with ease. 

Finally replace your limiting beliefs and negative patterns, subconsciously sabotaging your success. We use a 90-day program where your stated goals are guaranteed to be reached.

The MOX Life 3-Step Process for Mindset Growth

STEP 1 - AWARENESS. We uncover your limiting beliefs and negative patterns, using a scientifically proven assessment

STEP 2 - ACTION.  Your custom 90-Day Blueprint to Retrain Your Brain and achieve your goals.

Now that you’re aware of the negative thoughts to change, you need a plan to make it happen. Your coach will create a 90 Day Success Blueprint, which helps you have a tangible map to get to where you want to go.

STEP 3:  ACCOUNTABILITY. We have your back! You'll have bi-weekly calls to keep pace with your goals. Of course, you also have access to your coach 24/7, for the times when you next immediate support or answers.

Your personal accountability coach will be there to guide and support you throughout the entire 90 days.


(I used) every excuse to keep me from contacting potential clients

I used to find every excuse to keep from contacting potential clients.  Even when I feel myself falling back into my old ways, I refer back to your tools and boom, I am out the door to meet my next client. 

Last month I did $12,000. I'm projecting $20,000 for this month.

- David Sieker, Sieker Painting

struggling to balance work, relationships, parenting, and self care

So many  are struggling to balance work, relationships, parenting, and self care. Midori allows us .... to glean understanding of how we can best operate! 

- Laura Brewer Einsetler, Commercial Airline Pilot

My business was in start-up mode for 5 years

The most I made in 5 years was $3200. It's been 7 weeks since I started working with you. I just had my 1st $10k month! 

- T Jessica Schnabel, Entrepreneur

Tenacious advocate for your dreams...

I was impressed with Midori's passion and commitment to break negative behavioral loops, transforming clients to receive success.

- Lynn Swearingen, Bay Area Hypnotherapist


Midori Verity Mindset Coach and The MOX Life Founder

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