Media Kit for Midori Verity, Mindset Coach

Media Kit

As a modern-day professional, you’re charged with the monumental task of being everything to everyone. A rockstar in your profession, a stellar partner in your relationship, and finding time to take care of yourself. This causes an internal tug of war that usually leads to burn out, diminished self-confidence, and lackluster results because your attention is divided all over the place. All you really want is to feel like you’re achieving some level of success in all areas of your life… but instead, you feel like you’re falling short everywhere.

What if you could create the success you crave inside and outside of work? This looks like achieving your professional goals, while also “having a life.” What if all it took was retraining your brain so that instead of everything being so hard, overwhelming, or busy it became easy? Midori Verity inspires your audience to address what’s really causing their problems - negative behavioral loops - so they can catapult to new levels in all their roles.

Midori Verity Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs

Midori Verity, Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Suggested Intro

Midori Verity is the Founder and CEO of MOX Life, a certified 

human behavior specialist, and is a mindset success coach, 

best-selling author, and show host. She is completely 

transforming the way ambitious professionals go for their 

goals by helping them discover their best path to excellence 

- the path of least resistance. In order to do that, you must break 

down her negative behavioral loops and replace them with new 

patterns. This is what creates easeful, lasting success in all areas of life - you feel like you’ve finally arrived.

Potential Questions

Midori Verity is an experience TV show creator and host. She hosts The MOX Life Show.

  • What are behavioral loops, and how do they impact our lives? (context)

  • You work with a lot of high-powered people who have already invested in their education and development, yet are feeling stuck and frustrated. What’s really going on? (eye-opener)

  • What signs tell someone she might be stuck in a negative behavioral loop? (value)

  • What makes your approach different? (philosophical)

  • How did you learn all this? (credibility & empathy)

  • What is the first step a listener can take today to start shifting her negative behavioral loops? (value)

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